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Specialist Precision Tube and Pipe Work


Chrome Coil

PEM produces sub contract tube and pipe work for various engineering and equipment applications. These include cooling circuits for electrical and electronic equipment, heat exchanger coils, condensing cylinders and coils. We also produce heavier pipe work for process engineering applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and petrochemicals industries.

We have the capability to roll, bend and form stock metal tube and pipe to high accuracy’s together with precision welding, brazing and other joining techniques.


PEM can source all the connectors, manifolds and auxiliary components that may be required to simplify your suppler base. We also offer the facility to pressure and flow test components using a variety of gasses or liquids.







Chrome Coil

Drain Plug

Pipe TIG Welded

Flat Bar Coil

Expansion Tube

Stainless Steel Coil

Tube and Pipe Assemblies

Copper Coils

Water Jacket

Observatory Mounting Pier


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