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Precision Welding


TIG Welding SetPEM Sheet metal is one of the largest subcontract welding specialists in Essex

Currently we have 13 TIG welding sets, 5 spot welding sets and 3 MIG welding sets giving us 5500 hours of welding capacity per month.


The welding of thin sheet metal is a specialist area. PEM employs some of the most highly skilled staff available anywhere and has invested in the latest TIG welding equipment.


We weld metals from foils to 20 mm thick plates in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. We also weld more exotic materials such as titanium and have had impressive results on recent projects TIG welding brass. PEM Sheet metal is currently evaluating robotic TIG welding, Laser and Ion Beam welding techniques.


Welding of sheet metal, especially aluminium welding and stainless steel welding, requires high levels of skill and dexterity to produce clean, neat and visually appealing welds. It is also vitally important to minimise the heat input to stop distortions. PEM Sheet metal has the staff and equipment to enable us to do this and to have an enviable reputation in this field.


The welding of stainless steel and aluminium are areas of particular skill. Many of our products are for customers in the medical industry. They often require stainless steel to be welded to tight tolerances and to an extremely high visual standard with no ‘inclusions’ or porosity. Usually there will be no finish applied or perhaps just electro polishing. In ether case the quality of the weld is paramount. Also for food and pharmaceutical applications we have the ability to 100% gas purge to minimise oxidisation around the heat affected zone. The welding of tube and pipe work for the food and beverage industry is now becoming a growing part of out business.

TIG Welded Pipe

    Welding technologies available at PEM

    • MMA Welding (Manual Metal Arc)
    • Oxyacetylene Welding
    • MIG Welding
    • MAG Welding
    • Spot Welding
    • Aluminium Spot Welding
    • TIG Welding
    • Pulse TIG Welding
    • Synergenic MIG/MAG/TIG including ‘pulse on pulse’




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